The History of Blinds

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No one really knows when the history of blinds began although it is thought that they first were used in ancient Egypt. Blinds had a more functional use than just looking nice. They were used mainly to ventilate the home or building while still giving privacy and natural sunlight.

The History Of Blinds

Blinds were first thought to originate in Persia not Venice. Venetian traders discovered them and brought them back to Europe. That is why to this day many people refer to them as Venetian blinds. The French however call them “Les Persienes” in honor of their Persian roots.

It is thought that freed slaves may have brought venetian blinds to Europe for their own use and to sell. Edward Bevan patented the first venetian blind in London in 1769. Reports indicate blinds were installed in the St. Peters Chapel in Philadelphia Rome in 1761. Throughout history there are many paintings and drawings depicting venetian blinds. It is from these pictures that we get most of the history of blinds.

Blinds In The United States

John Webster was the first to introduce blinds to the United States. They were accepted into more affluent homes and used in many of the government buildings and public offices. Paintings of the time picture venetian blinds in Independence Hall during the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Blinds were also used in Radio City in New York. Blinds are indeed so popular that the Burlington Venetian Blind Company was commissioned to install blinds in the entire Empire State Building.

The History Of Blinds – Modern Blinds

Modern blinds are still used today although ventilation is not the main priority. Venetian blinds come in many different materials including metal, wood, fabric and vinyl. Most people refer to mini blinds instead of venetian blinds and the word “blinds” is often used to refer to many different window treatments like shades, shutters and more.

Modern venetian blinds are designed with many more options for light control and privacy. They have child safety features and no-hole construction to limit the light that comes in.

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