Storing Seasonal Treatments

Posted by bmedia on Friday, January 12, 2018

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Seasonal decorators can often be found with at least a couple of pairs of curtains for each window—sometimes more. Changing out window treatments for every season is hardly unheard of, especially when custom drapes and simple panels are so fashionable. However, without proper storage, you risk losing your custom curtains to moths, mildew, or rot. Follow these simple tips to make sure your curtains stay fresh and ready for their seasonal debuts.

Invest in plastic storage bags that compress with the aid of your vacuum. Plastic storage bags will keep your panels safe from the elements and make sure they don’t spend the better part of the year absorbing your home’s myriad odors (good and bad). These bags can be found in most home goods stores, drugstores and department stores.

Roll them up. Rather than folding your panels, which could cause unsightly creasing, roll them up first into a tube shape, then in a spiral so that there are no edges or sharp folds that might cause permanent creasing.

Make sure your curtains are thoroughly cleaned before storing them. Even the tiniest stains could become impossible to repair once they’ve had 6-9 months to saturate.

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