Should I Choose Horizontal Or Vertical Blinds?

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You may be asking yourself this question. There are a few differences but once you think about those differences the answer may be clearer than you think. Here are a few things to consider when choosing either horizontal or vertical blinds.

What Size Is Your Window

Think about your window and how big it is. Without considering design style or anything else, window size can determine whether you choose a horizontal or vertical blind. Horizontal blinds often look better on short, wide windows. Vertical blinds look better on wider expanses of windows and sliding glass doors. You can create a unique look when you use a vertical blind on narrow tall windows. When you think about choosing horizontal or vertical blinds, think about the size of your window and what would look the best. Although this is a general rule, many times you can get by with breaking the rule and still end up with a stylish window treatment. Modern blinds like our Macro® collection offer a larger 2” slat which are perfect for wider windows.

Easy Care Window Treatments

Many people remember the older aluminum blinds that collected dust and were hard to care for. Compared to those, vertical blinds were much easier to maintain. The vertical slats don’t hold dust and stay cleaner longer. Today’s materials often have anti-static or anti-dust finishes that help to simplify care and cleaning. This makes both vertical and horizontal treatments equally easy to care for.

Slat Size and View

If you are trying to achieve the largest view through possible you have a few options in either the horizontal or vertical blind. Horizontal blinds come in many different styles including our Reveal® blind that offers slats that nestle together creating a larger view through. Macro® blinds have the larger 2” slat too. Vertical blinds on the other hand offer the most view through ability with slat sizes as large as 17” in our Skyline® Gliding Window Panels.

Should I Choose Horizontal Or Vertical Blinds?

The choice is really yours. While some fashions look better on wider or taller windows than others, the decision to choose a horizontal blind over a vertical blind is more up to the style choice of the individual. Both horizontal and vertical blinds come in a multitude of fabrics, materials, color, and textures. Choosing the right one for your décor can make all the difference in how your room looks. We would love to help you achieve your decorating goals. Stop by or call Bolliger’s Window Fashions and we’ll show you our beautiful collection of horizontal and vertical blinds.

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