Remote Control Blinds and Shades

Homeowners decide to use remote control blinds in Portland, Oregon for a variety of reasons. Some like the convenience of working multiple window treatments at once. Others like the added safety of not having cords or wands to tempt young children or pets. For those who are frequently out of town, the ability to make their empty home look occupied is beneficial. And there are people who just think they are cool.

Remote Control Blinds in Portland, Oregon

Blinds are versatile window treatments that offer several options because they can be raised completely for a clear view, lowered completely to block out sunlight or nosy neighbors, or adjusted anywhere in between. Closed blinds with open slats make a room semi-private and filter light. They also fit into many types of décor. Whether vertical or horizontal, wood, faux, or aluminum, blinds can be motorized.

PowerRise® motorization makes raising or lowering your horizontal blinds a snap. Operate a single blind from the Platinum™ wall switch or adjust several blinds at once with the optional Platinum remote. The wall switch can even be programmed with two intermediate stops, so you can have your blinds partially raised or lowered.

The tilt of your horizontal blind slats can make all the difference in light control and privacy. And with PowerTilt™, you can change the tilt of the slats without even having to get up. And you can program it to work several blinds at once, ensuring they are all tilted at the same angle. It works with the same Platinum system as PowerRise.

Do you have sliding glass doors or tall windows? PowerGlide® gives you complete automated control over your vertical blinds. Platinum allows you to open or close the blinds and rotate the vanes with one wall switch or remote.

Motorized Shades and Sheers in Portland, Oregon

Whether you prefer honeycomb shades, Roman shades, roller shades, or sheers, you can enjoy the convenience of automated window treatments.

Use PowerRise to raise and lower shades or sheers that are tucked behind furniture, too high to reach, or too big to adjust manually.

Luminette sheers with PowerGlide make it easy to control the light and privacy of your sliding glass doors. No more leaving the dinner table to get the sun out of your eyes, just push a button on the remote to put the sheer exactly where you want it.


For an even more encompassing motorized system, there’s PowerView. Multiple window treatments can be operated with a wall-mounted or handheld remote, a mobile device, or a whole-house automation system. Window coverings can be set to open and close according to sunrise and sunset or at the times you select, even when you aren’t home, making your home more energy efficient and safer from potential intruders.

Bolliger Window Fashions & Interiors, Inc. has been servicing customers in the Portland, Oregon area since 1929, and we’re looking forward to helping you find the motorized window treatment that is right for your home.