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Posted by bmedia on Monday, December 25, 2017

Bollinger_Window_Fashions_Choosing the Right Plantation Shutter

Deciding on plantation shutters for your home is a great, value-building choice for your window treatments. Of course, you can attempt a home installation, but professional installation is preferential (why sweat out an intense home installation when someone far more qualified can do it in a fraction of the time?). In preparing your windows for their new shutters, consider these few actions to make sure your windows are primed for a smooth installation.

A professional installation team will require at least a 3-foot area around each window in order to install your shutters. Make sure there is no heavy furniture, decorative items or heavy art pieces in the immediate areas. Your shutters will need plenty of room during installation, so make sure it’s provided.

The need for a deep clean goes without saying. Dig deep into your window frames (which, in the Pacific Northwest are prone to water damage) and make sure they are free from mildew, mold or rot. Giving your installer a clean space to work with will make the process much easier.

Be prepared to perform touch-ups on your own. The installation process may leave your walls with freshly filled holes in need of a touch of paint to return them to their flawless previous condition. Often your installer will be able to instruct you on any specific aftercare, and it will likely be minimal.

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