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Posted by bmedia on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Bollinger_Window_Fashions_Panels For Studio Apartments

Decorating a smaller apartment takes a remarkable amount of skill and savvy. All too quickly, a small space can become cluttered and restrictive; it takes a diligent amount of planning and forethought to successfully decorate a studio apartment. Novice designers and seasoned decorators alike should consider these few tips when preparing their small apartment for its new look.

1) Let your color palette dictate the hues, but don’t be afraid to explore patterns and prints that fit into the palette as well. A print that is bold and busy can make your small space feel even smaller, so be judicious when shopping prints. Likewise, subtle patterns may complement your windows effortlessly, but striking patterns in high contrast hues can make your space claustrophobic, so shop wisely.

2) Explore textures; you’re not beholden to a window sheer or a simple set of poly-blend curtains. In fact, you can easily up the sophistication factor in your apartment by trying unexpected textiles like wool, velveteen or even velour. These textiles can be an opulent, luxurious addition to your space. 

3) Discover swags and their many interpretations. A common set of window panels can be upgraded significantly with the right complimentary swag in a matching textile. Not all swags are complicated affairs, in fact, many offer a simple elegance that can’t be achieved with curtains alone.

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