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Posted by bmedia on Monday, February 12, 2018

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We saw many trends come and go in 2017, but minimalism is one whose cipher swings wider than most ephemeral design fads. Minimalism’s origins hark back to post-WWII modern art, where its therapeutic actuality trickled into industrial, fashion and interior design. As tastes evolve, minimalism fades into the design ether, only to reemerge every decade with renewed vigor and a new generation of modernists heralding its clout. For those young devotees of minimalist design, here are three window treatments perfect for your minimalist design scheme.

Cellular Shades

These are simple with purpose ā€” their cells serve as little insulators, keeping your living spaces warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Roman Shades

A bit more decorative than most classic shades, a roman shade can cut a simple, yet sophisticated silhouette on any window they adorn. Customize these in cool neutral hues but avoid busy patterns or prints.

Window Sheers

The logical link between a breezy sheer panel and a functional blind is this gentle marriage of the two. Opt for top-down-bottom-up design and avoid cordage that may affect your minimalist design scheme.

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