Letting Color Lead Your Design Choices In Your Boutique Hotel

Posted by bmedia on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bollinger_Window_Fashions_Letting Color Lead Your Design Choices In Your Boutique Hotel

Its common knowledge that great interior design starts with a color palette that employs a smart balance of complementary hues. This bit of design wisdom is best employed in home design, where current trends can be explored and auditioned without the peril of appearing asinine before guests but remains crucial for larger design projects. Consider these tips when embarking on your monumental design plan.

When designing rooms outside of the home, such as the luxury lodging of a newly renovated boutique hotel, it’s ill-advised to let current trends in texture and color dictate a large part of your design. Instead, create an initial color palette based on soothing hues, classic details, and surrounding nature, be it parks, forests, water, or a “concrete jungle.”

Trends will no doubt surface in many of your design elements, and in doing so, they will either contrast with your palette or compliment it seamlessly. Take careful consideration when employing current trends like geometric tiling, crown molding, stained and polished concrete floors (particularly predominant in renovated mixed-use buildings so often re-imagined as boutique hotels) as these trends are demonstrably the heroes of many modern design plans.

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