Dressing French Doors

Posted by bmedia on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Bollinger_Window_Fashions_Tips For Dressing French Doors

A home’s French doors can be one of its most charming features. Prized in the early Renaissance for their symmetry, French doors soon became fashionable throughout European homes. Making sure your French doors are dressed to complement the most attractive parts of their architecture will ensure a covetable interior and a give your French doors the details they deserve. Don’t let your French doors languish without one of these treatments, designed to bring out this memorable home feature’s best qualities.


Customized shutters in a wooden hue to match hardwood floors or in tones that complement the wall and floor treatments will instantly give your French doors a facelift, and increase the value of your home!

In-Frame Roman Shades

Customize a classic set of Roman shades with bold pops of color or in vibrant patterns or prints to liven up an otherwise unremarkable set of French doors. Roman shades offer a demure silhouette while providing an opportunity to experiment with bold color or play it safe with soft neutrals; your French doors will enjoy beautiful results either way.

Rustic Curtains

When a more traditional treatment is in order, opt for a rustic lace curtain, gathered at the door’s respective centers rather than their frames.

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