Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Living Room

Decorating Ideas for a Cozy Living Room

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The weather is almost as ever-changing as the trends that come and go whether in clothing, food, exercise, or home décor. There are many ways to stay ahead in all of these categories, whether it be through social media or by reading these blogs! This year is all about change, and as we say our goodbye’s to our President, we also say hello to a new one. 2017 is the year of new beginnings, new ideas, and new risks. Think of your home as a canvas, or as an empty kitchen. It’s a new recipe, or a new type of paint you can’t wait to get your hands on! This year try something new!

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Understated Colors

This year in your home, try to expand your color horizon, instead of using colors like red, gray, or light blue, go for something bolder like an orange or a canary blue. The use of these understated, and underused colors will give your home a unique look that most homes do not have. In order to make these colors pop even more, new window treatments will also be beneficial in making your home brighter and make full usage of the brighter colors on display. By using these window treatments to set the light settings, you can either make it a happier or a more subdued cooler atmosphere. This also works by using greens, yellows, and purple’s throughout the interior of your home.

Window Treatments

Window treatments, as mentioned in the previous section are perfect for letting in natural light and brightening up a space, but they can also be used for shutting out that meddling light and making a space seem cozier. The use of certain window treatments in your home will also make your home look and feel more complete on the inside as well as the out. Traditional blinds are always a welcome treat, but with new technology coming to light, there are new treatments where you can use remote control blinds to set the slats to the best position to shade the light. The impact this technology has is all based on how you use them. Hunter Douglas has a wide range of window treatments that are perfect for any type of atmosphere you’d like to portray in your home. Motorized window treatments come in a variety of shades and sheers too.

Furniture Pieces

The type of furniture pieces you use in your room, can also change or enhance the mood of your home. In order to give your room a more spacious look, be sure to mix in larger or smaller pieces of furniture, such as using a love seat instead of a full sofa. In order to give the room more shape, use a sectional in front of the long window downstairs, and center your furniture on a central point. By putting your television in front of a wall instead of beside your furniture, you can also open up that space, and reduce the glare on your TV screen. Your television could be the center point of your living room space, and by placing this on a rug or in an entertainment center, you won’t need to worry about adding more shelves for storage (which would shrink the space). By adding end tables and lamps to the room, you can bring in artificial light, while still bringing a stylish look to your space.

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