About Bolliger Window Fashions


Ernie and Bill Bolliger began Bolliger The Shade Man in 1929 as a window shade cleaning service. For fifteen to thirty five cents depending upon size they would clean and repair roller shades. Soon their business included manufacturing new shades which could be purchased for seventy five cents to just over a dollar. Over the years the business continued to evolve into a full service window covering store. Steve Boeh joined the Company in 1969 and after ten years decided to start his own company, Window Fashions.

In 1984, when Ernie and Bill sought retirement, Steve bought Bolliger The Shade Man and consolidated it with his own business to form Bolliger Window Fashions and Interiors and moved his showroom to its present location. Today, the business moves at a considerably brisker pace, with much more variety and a moderate increase in rates, but Ernie and Bill would be proud that at over 86 years old Bolligers is still offering superior value, service and innovation to its customers.