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Posted by bmedia on Monday, November 27, 2017

Bollinger_Window_Fashions_3 Window Treatments to Boost Employee Motivation

Antiquated employee motivation models encouraged an analogous set of achievement markers and promoted the concept of internal competition. This unfortunately resulted in far more burning out than blossoming. Today’s motivational model uplifts the employee and encourages their best work by allowing them to dictate their most effective workspaces, work styles, and daily, weekly and monthly goals.

Space is a critical part of the modern model of employee engagement, with natural light playing a significant part in many employee’s mood. Consider each of these window treatments to maximize your office’s natural light.

Roman Shades

Romans shades offer a classic silhouette that can fall seamlessly into your existing office design. Roman shades can be customized in a multitude of colors and patterns; choose something that not only complements your office but inspires your staff.

Motorized Roller Shades

Modern offices with minimalist designs are perfect for showcasing the slick style of a motorized roller shade. Customize these trendy shades with a simple pattern in a cool neutral shade.

Cellular Shades

When efficiency is key, cellular shades are the best choice. These simple shades use their billowy interiors to insulate your windows against frigid winters and scorching summers.

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