2018 Color Predictions

Posted by bmedia on Friday, December 29, 2017

Bollinger_Window_Fashions_Interior Home Color Predictions For 2018

2017s most popular interior colors were muted, pale shades of rose and seafoam and were often complemented with rich, deep shades of charcoal and asphalt. As this color palette became more and more ubiquitous, we looked toward the future for some realistic style predictions that won’t leave our interiors looking like cookie cutter variations on a millennial theme. Consider these three forecasted color trends for your 2018 interiors.


Don’t let the name fool you, this cool, crisp interpretation of a rich, dusty violet is anything but drastic. Its chilly undertones make it a perfect neutral to balance your bright whites or cool, pale greys. Use this hue in Roman shades to dress your windows or look for patterns featuring the misty tone in rugs, throws, and decorative pillows.

Forest Green

This deep, jewel-toned green is a perfect reflection of the Northwest’s constant obsession with all things outdoorsy and natural, and while it’s been a PNW design staple for decades, the design world has recently adopted this hue as a trend for 2018. Use this bold accent tone in recessed window frames, plush, upholstered furnishings or in your design details.


On the precipice of robin’s egg and just short of pale sky is frost, an icy shade of blue that’s reminiscent of clear, snowy winter nights when the moonlight reflects a pale blue shimmer onto sparkling white snow. This shade is great for wide open spaces like music rooms, sitting rooms, and formal dining areas.

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